Abdallah Abra


Abdallah Abra is an accomplished Economist and Data Scientist, specializing in international development, specifically in the sectors of perishable goods and pharmaceutical logistics. He currently holds the position of Economist Associate and Project Manager at LixCap, a company specializing in international development with a keen focus on emerging markets.
Recognizing a distinct gap in market intelligence, Abdallah led his team to develop a proprietary data tool that taps into fragmented and unstructured data sources to provide insights into perishable product demand and temperature-controlled logistics in emerging economies. This tool is tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by different markets, including those he worked on, such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, Morocco, Senegal, Ghana, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Togo, and other markets. The adaptation was crucial to ensure local relevance, acceptability, eventual success, and proving transformative in sectors that have historically been overlooked.
Abdallah's holistic approach, encompassing economic, environmental, and social dimensions, has been instrumental in contributing to the reduction of food wastage in numerous markets. This is further evidenced by the strategic engagement with the private sector to mobilize tens of millions of USD towards sustainable solutions, reducing post-harvest losses and creating jobs, leveraging expertise, and ensuring investments yield lasting impact.