Adhitya Prayoga

Head of Strategic Services
Adhitya Prayoga is currently the Head of Strategic Services at Waste4Change, managing the impact quality, work process, business performance and growth of Waste4Change’s consulting and campaign services. The consulting business he led had provided insights and analysis to high-profile clients such as Ministry of Planning and Agency (Bappenas), Recycling Technologies Inc., Fortum Oy, Pertamina, The Ocean Cleanup and more in the field of waste management, waste-to-energy, marine debris and circular economy. In addition, the campaign team had implemented behavior change programs for responsible waste management in various locations throughout Indonesia together with clients such as GiZ, The Coca Cola Foundation, Nestle and more. Prior to working with Waste4Change, Adhitya had worked in various capacity in the field of waste management and circular economy. As the Project Officer in UNDP, he supported the climate mitigation budget tagging process for waste management in the Sustainable Development Financing Project. He also held the position of Business Development Officer in b-panel where polystyrene is recycled as building materials. His role as lead environmental facilitator in Astra’s Kampung Berseri Program also allows him to gain understanding of how waste management can be implemented at grassroots level. Adhitya had received his double degree through the Erasmus+ program during his studies in both Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Finland and Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences in Germany. His focus during the studies is in waste management with his final thesis involves upscaling production of 2,3-butanediol by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens utilising municipal solid waste as substrate