Alpha Sennon

Founder and Central Agripreneurial Officer
Alpha Sennon is a ‘farmerpreneur’, TEDx speaker, youth advocate, graduate of the University of the West Indies. He is also the founder of WHYFARM, a non-profit with the goal of rebranding the agricultural sector and tackling food and nutrition security both in his home country - in Trinidad and Tobago - as well as across the globe. Using an ‘agri-edutainment’ (agricultural education and entertainment) model, Alpha invented AgriMan: the world’s only Real-life Superhero. Passionate about all things ‘ag-related’, Alpha is the author of the AgriMan Agventures comic book developed toward increasing awareness of the global food crisis among children and to grow future farmers. In his free time, Alpha enjoys playing the steel pan and mentoring youths within his community. Alpha has also been a keynote speaker at several international events, including the Global Thought for Food Summit. Finally, he acts as the Next Gen Council for the Caribbean for the Thought for Food Foundation, where his duties include encouraging young people to come up with solutions to feeding the expected 9 billion population by the year 2050.