Dr. Garene Kaloustian

Social and Emotional Learning Specialist
World Learning Lebanon
Dr. Garene Kaloustian is the social and emotional learning (SEL) specialist for World Learning's QITABI 2 program. Based in Beirut, she holds a PhD in child development from Purdue University. Among the various SEL activities under QITABI 2, Kaloustian is currently developing Lebanon’s national SEL framework in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education as well QITABI 2 research partner New York University Global TIES. Her work also involves integrating SEL into the literacy and numeracy curricula for grades 1-6. Kaloustian has more than 10 years of experience in SEL in early childhood education, working as a researcher and consultant in both the public and private sectors in Lebanon and the broader region. Before joining World Learning, Kaloustian was a professor of early childhood education at Lebanese American University, where she taught both undergraduate and graduate courses for eight years; during this time, she revived the Early Childhood Education Lab School under the Department of Education with its original mission to serve as both an early childcare and research center for students, faculty, and parents. She served as director for two years, working primarily on establishing the school as an early childhood research center. Her research interests center around teacher quality of care, classroom environment, and children’s social and emotional development. Within these topics, her work also focuses on exploring the diverse, unique, and fragile conflict-laden context to better understand the cultural nuances that prevail in schools and how those impact children's social environment and their development.