Wednesday, September 6, 2023
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Knowledge Management and Global Health: How Do We Go from Knowledge Sharing to Knowledge Use?

Global health and knowledge management are intertwined, with knowledge management serving as a vital tool to inform, support, and enhance global health initiatives. Effective knowledge management enables the exchange and application of valuable knowledge, ultimately contributing to improved healthcare systems and greater ability to respond to public health threats. 

In recent years, we have placed a greater emphasis on capturing, curating, and disseminating knowledge. However, we still face the challenge of ensuring that knowledge is used at the right time. Various online and offline methods encourage access and exchange of knowledge through approaches like existing platforms, online and offline discussions, networking, and collaboration which facilitate the exchange of ideas and information. As these approaches continue to evolve and grow, how can we ensure that information and knowledge are made available to the right people at the right time? 

The recent COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the use of emerging models that employ digital platforms for peer-to-peer learning to generate and disseminate real-time knowledge in clinical practices during public health emergencies. Additionally, large-scale knowledge management platforms are also available for global health practitioners to access research, documents and other material that can be useful for community and clinical practitioners. However, as new knowledge emerges and existing knowledge matures to become more available, how can we distinguish what adds value to the global health knowledge base and ensure information is usable for global health practitioners? This usability is crucial for effectively and efficiently utilizing knowledge to address evolving and complex global health challenges. 

In this session we will bring together knowledge practitioners who are using various approaches and tools that can help advance sharing, and utilization of knowledge to enhance outcomes and address complex global health challenges. We will look at a Project Echo a hub and spoke model to support real-time clinical exchange, the use of knowledge platforms and analytics technology that can make timely and relevant information and knowledge more available for use by global health practitioners who are working to improve health outcomes. 

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