Tuesday, October 24, 2023
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Online, via Zoom

Development Finance Workgroup Planning Meeting

What are the most pressing challenges in the development finance realm? What are the utmost issues you and your field teams are currently grappling with in the development finance realm? Are you exploring innovative ways of generating resources for fulfilling development needs beyond the conventional realm of loans and grants? As the role of finance evolves in the international development arena within a post-Covid world—where service demands have surged while government revenues have contracted—how do you perceive its transformation? Can the private sector assume a more substantial and how development partners can contribute more positively to enhance the development impact?

Amidst governments' struggles to enhance revenues and provide essential services, how can resources be augmented without disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable segments of society? Have you devised any groundbreaking solutions that have been recently implemented in the field? Furthermore, have you conducted analyses that present unconventional approaches to financial inclusion?

 As we gear up to plan our upcoming events for the year ahead, your input, ideas, and enthusiasm are invaluable to us. We invite you to engage with us in discussions about the themes you'd like to explore, the objectives you aim to achieve, and the event formats that resonate best with you. Anticipate productive discussion in small groups, facilitating connections, networking opportunities, and collaborative brainstorming.

We look forward to your participation and contributions in shaping impactful and transformative dialogues in the realm of development finance.

Registration will close at 4 PM ET on October 23, 2023. Meeting details will be sent to all registered participants shortly thereafter. 

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Workgroup Co-Chairs

Principal Associate , Cadmus Group (formerly Nathan Associates)