IM, Chapter, and Workgroup Event Sponsorship

IM, Chapter, and Workgroup Event Sponsorship

We have a new opportunity for our institutional members (IMs)! You can now sponsor a breakfast or reception before or after our workgroup, chapter, and IM events. This is a great opportunity to garner visibility among funders and partners in the field, while supporting SID-Washington to provide a forum for networking.

Sponsorship Tiers:

  • $250 for workgroup events
  • $500 for chapter events
  • $1,000 for select IM events


  • Sponsor receives recognition on pre-event promotional emails (“A reception will follow, sponsored by ABC Company”). For chapter events these promotional emails go to our full list of 7,500+ people. Workgroup event and IM event emails go to sub-lists.
  • Sponsor receives recognition in weekly newsletter (reception and sponsor are mentioned in the calendar section of newsletter along with the event).
  • Sponsor receives recognition on event webpage.
  • Sponsor receives recognition in signage at event (e.g. screens on wall in reception area and/or printed signs).


  • Sponsor must be an IM in good standing.
  • Each IM can only sponsor up to two of these events per SID-W’s fiscal year (July-June) to ensure diversity of sponsors.
  • Sponsor to cover food and beverage expense (in addition to sponsorship cost), make arrangements with food vendor and to be on-site for delivery. Food and beverage selection and quantity to be approved by SID-W staff no later than 48 hours before the event. (Note: SID-W can provide staff to help set up and clean up.)
  • Most events would be capped at one sponsor, but if a particularly large crowd is anticipated, two sponsors may be allowed (each paying the base sponsor fee, e.g. $500/organization for a chapter event). IM events would generally have two sponsors.

To see a list of upcoming events that you might sponsor, please click here.

If your organization is interested in sponsoring an upcoming event, please contact us at