IM, Chapter, and Workgroup Event Sponsorships

IM, Chapter, and Workgroup Event Sponsorships

About Sponsorship 

Organizations (member and non-member alike) can sponsor our events. This is a great opportunity to garner visibility among funders, implementers, and partners in the field while supporting SID-Washington to provide a forum for networking. SID-Washington has sponsorship opportunities for in-person and virtual events. Most of our events offer remote participation so participants are based beyond the DC metro area, across the United States, and around the world. Sponsorship provides a great opportunity for visibility for your organization. Our attendees hail from all sectors of international development - NGOs, for profits, consulting firms, private sector firms, universities, government agencies, think tanks, and more. To see a list of upcoming events that you might sponsor, please click here


Benefits (excluding Annual Events): 

  • Sponsor receives recognition on pre-event and promotional emails.
  • Sponsor receives recognition in the weekly newsletter, relevant sub-group mailing lists, and social media.
  • Sponsor receives recognition on the event webpage.
  • Sponsor receives recognition in the signage at an in-person event. For virtual events, SID-W will include your organization name and logo on a slide and post a short message and link to your website in the chat box.
  • Sponsor will be acknowledged at the beginning and end of the event.
  • Sponsors will have a one-minute speaking opportunity during the event. Sponsors can provide a pre-recorded video in lieu of speaking.
  • Sponsors can receive an MP4 file of the event recording for their own marketing purposes. Sponsors must credit SID-W for the recording.   

Required Catering for In-Person Events 

For in-person events, sponsors are responsible for all food and beverage expenses in addition to the sponsorship cost. Sponsors can manage catering arrangements themselves or pay a flat rate for SID-W to organize food and beverage. Food and beverage selection and quantity must be approved by SID-W staff no later than 48 hours before the event. SID-W can provide staff to help set up and clean up.

If you would like SID-W to manage all catering for you at an additional cost, see below for pricing: 

  • Workgroup/Network/Special Events: $200 for breakfast, $250 for lunch, $300 for reception 
  • Chapter Events: $300 for breakfast, $350 for lunch, $400 for reception 
  • Institutional Member Events: $400 for breakfast, $500 for lunch, $600 for reception 
  • Event Series: TBD 

Prohibited Content 

Inappropriate Content: any sponsor that, in the sole opinion of SID-W:  

  • encourages dishonest behavior.
  • contains profanity.
  • depicts nudity (except for breastfeeding), or the objectification of genders.
  • encourages illegal activity, products, or enterprises.
  • encourages violence.
  • encourages any type of discrimination.
  • is unauthorized to use copyrighted content.  

Deceptive Content: any sponsor, that in the sole opinion of SID-W, provides content that: 

  • is false, including deceptive claims, offers, or business practices. 
  • includes information deemed to be false or claims discredited by third-party fact checkers. 

Hateful or Discriminatory Content: any sponsor, that in the sole opinion of SID-W: 

  • degrades, discriminates, or shows hate toward a race, ethnicity, culture, country, belief, age, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, disability, or condition.  

Biased or Prejudiced Content: any sponsor, that in the sole opinion of SID-W: 

  • is biased, partial, prejudiced, or that could be considered propaganda.  

Prohibited Practices: any sponsor, that in the sole opinion of SID-W: 

  • deceives users by excluding relevant product information or providing misleading information about products, services, or businesses. 


  • Institutional members and non-members can sponsor, but all institutional members sponsoring must be in good standing.
  • Each organization can only sponsor up to three events per SID-W’s fiscal year (July-June) to ensure diversity of sponsors.
  • All events (except annual events) are capped at three sponsors maximum.
  • All sponsors are subject to our review and approval. SID-Washington reserves the right to reject or remove any sponsor at our sole discretion for any reason, including in response to audience feedback, or board-level feedback.
  • SID-Washington reserves the right to request modifications to any sponsorship language.
  • All sponsorship payments must be received within ten business days of the event. If payment is not received within ten business days, SID-Washington reserves the right to temporarily put the organization’s membership on hold until payment is received.

If your organization is interested in sponsoring an upcoming event, please contact us at