Laurence Yese

Institutional and Policy Development Specialist
RTI International

Laurence Yese is an Institutional and Policy Development Specialist at RTI International, where he plays a key role on RTI’s implementation of the USAID E-WASH program. Through this work, he is strengthening the policy, institutional and regulatory frameworks for improved water, sanitation, and hygiene services in urban Nigerian neighborhoods. He is also facilitating the development of a clear and coherent WASH policy based on reform and accountability. Mr. Yese joined RTI in 2019. His professional background includes additional work on projects funded by USAID and DFID in sanitation, market development, and HIV/AIDS. He has taken USAID certification courses in Data Analysis, Reporting and Use by MEMS II, Data Quality Assessment (DQA) by MEMS II, Performance Management Plan course by MEMS II, and Managing for Result by MEMS II. He is a member of Nigeria Monitoring and Evaluation Professionals and Nigeria WASH Professionals.