Megan Nobert

Founder and Former Director
Report the Abuse (Switzerland)

Megan Nobert is a Canadian born legal professional and academic specialised in international criminal law and human rights. Trained as a lawyer in Canada, and currently qualifying in New York State, she has worked with the prosecution’s offices at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and the International Criminal Court.

Megan is also a humanitarian, having worked in in the Gaza Strip, Jordan and South Sudan on issues of humanitarian law and gender-based violence. While in South Sudan in 2015, she was sexually assaulted by another humanitarian, and this lead to her going public in Buzzfeed and the Guardian about her experience in July 2015.

This experience inspired her to start Report the Abuse, on 19 August 2015, whose mandate was to break down the silence on sexual violence against humanitarian aid workers. Although Report the Abuse ceased operations on 20 August 2017, due to a lack of sustainable funding streams, during its short period of operations it broke down considerable barriers within the humanitarian community: inspiring survivors of sexual violence to speak up and creating the first good practices tools to assist humanitarian organisations address sexual violence against their staff.

Currently, Megan is bringing her voice and experience to CARE, as their new Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies Specialist for the Rapid Response Team. She continues to use her experience to support efforts internally and globally to combat sexual violence in the workplace, sexual violence in conflict, and the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse.