Mike Shanley

Founder and CEO
Konektid International

Mike Shanley has fifteen years of experience working in the USAID market, including at Chemonics International, USAID's largest implementing partner. In 2013, he founded Konektid International (www.konektid.com) to support new partners to enter the USAID market. Konektid has worked with foreign aid organizations of all types and sizes including both established and new USAID partners, to make it help them to partner and build their USAID portfolio. His clients have ranged from the Fortune 500 and the Ivy League, to local NGOs and small businesses. He regularly works with clients and leads seminars on USAID partnering strategies, trends, and international development market updates. Konektid has partnered with the top foreign aid associations, including USAID, Devex, British Expertise International, Johns Hopkins University, Bond UK, Dochas, AidEx, Impact Hub Geneva, and the Posner Center for International Development.


Konektid International description:

Konektid (konektid.com) is a US small business that supports new and established USAID partners on their work with USAID. Konektid's clients have ranged from the Fortune 500 and the Ivy League, to established prime implementers and local NGOs. We support new and underutilized partners to assess their fit for the USAID market, and to design and implement their USAID partnering strategies. Konektid has helped clients build their capacity to find their first IDIQ partner, write their first USAID prime proposal, and win the largest USAID procurement in their company’s history. Konektid was founded in 2013 by Mike Shanley who had previously worked at Chemonics International.