Tuesday, April 18, 2023 - 09:00
Counterpart International, Washington, District of Columbia
Presented By: Democracy, Rights, & Governance Workgroup, Peace & Security Workgroup

(In-person Registration) Localization in the Context of Democracy and Conflict Work

Join us in-person on April 18 at 9 AM ET for this event. If you would like to attend virtually, register here.

USAID, under Administrator Samantha Power’s leadership, has articulated a commitment to the “localization” of U.S. foreign assistance. This includes but is not limited to channeling a greater portion of U.S. foreign assistance to local partners and taking additional steps to ensure U.S.-funded projects build sustainable capacity of these local organizations. Yet different sectors of development bring varying challenges and opportunities for realizing this localization vision. During this session, SID members will hear from senior USAID officials in two sectors – DRG and conflict prevention and stabilization – about how they are approaching localization. These officials will then participate in a listening session wherein SID members can offer their perspectives on localization in the DRG and conflict sectors.

Registration will close at 4 PM ET on April 17, 2023. Meeting details will be sent to all registered participants shortly thereafter. 

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Senior Governance Advisor , Counterpart International


Deputy Director, Democracy, Rights and Governance Center , USAID/Washington
Democracy Specialist, Cross-Sectoral Programs Division, Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance Center, USAID
Director, Center for Conflict and Violence Prevention, USAID

Workgroup Co-Chairs

Foreign Service Officer , USAID
Senior Governance Advisor , Counterpart International
Vice President for Strategy, Innovation, and Impact, International Republican Institute (IRI)