Roshan Paul

Director, Leadership Practice

A former cricket journalist (and failed cricket player), I’ve spent my life questioning the status quo, and built a career around connecting global citizens to solve social problems across boundaries. Right after finishing college, I turned down a traditional job to work in the social sector. Ten years later, I co-founded Amani Institute, a new model of higher education, to help others do the same all over the world – build lives and careers where they don’t have to choose between making a living and making an impact. I co-led the organization from an idea to an award-winning social enterprise with offices in Kenya, Brazil and India and projects in more than 30 other countries around the world. Amani Institute has, to date, helped nearly 10,000 people from 65 countries step into or accelerate their careers in social impact. It has also supported more than 250 organizations, from large global UN departments to small local businesses, and everything in between, to increase staff capacity, motivation, and impact. I stepped down as CEO in 2021, but remain an active Board member. Based on this work, I co-authored the Amazon #1 bestseller The New Reason to Work: How to Build a Career that will Change the World in November 2021.