Sofia Magdalena Olofsson

2023 Andrew E. Rice Award Honorable Mention

Sofia Olofsson is an accomplished professional in international development and data science, driven by a deep commitment to have positive change on the world. With a diverse educational background and a wealth of hands-on experience, she has tackled complex global challenges through innovative, data-driven strategies. She currently serves as a Programme Management Consultant at the United Nations, working within the Department of Economics and Social Affairs. Prior, Sofia worked in research in Zambia, Uganda, Kenya and Ghana. She possesses a diverse educational background, including an M.P.A. from Cornell University, a master’s degree in security studies from University College London, and specialized training in data science and artificial intelligence from M.I.T. Sofia’s journey exemplifies the power of data to guide impactful solutions. Her core belief is that data provides clarity and accountability, and she remains dedicated to championing innovative, data-centric approaches for sustainable, inclusive, and impactful change.