Workgroup Co-Chairs Vacancies

Network/Workgroup/Affinity Group Co-Chair Vacancies

We are currently accepting Co-Chair applications on a rolling basis for the following:

To apply, please send an updated resume, cover letter outlining your interest in the position, and contact information for two references to [email protected].

See below for the position responsibilities.

Workgroup/Network Co-Chair Responsibilities

Workgroups and networks are the backbone of SID-US and play an important role in the Society's development dialogue. Consistent with the organization's strategic intent and mission, the purpose of SID-US workgroups is to:

  • Provide a forum for exchanging information and knowledge on critical development issues and best practices through participant and co-chair generated events;
  • Provide opportunities for networking among development professionals;
  • Create potential synergies for joint action and collaboration; and
  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of SID-US members.

Co-chairs serve in a voluntary capacity and agree to convene a minimum of three events/discussions per year, including one planning meeting, where members and co-chairs lay out the year's event topics. The majority of workgroups have two co-chairs, who work in concert. Co-chairs identify discussion topics, invite panelists/speakers, and frame the discussion by providing an announcement, which SID-US advertises to its membership listserv. SID-US works with co-chairs to schedule events and provide a venue, when needed. Workgroup events are generally panel discussions with two to three speakers followed by a Q & A session, though other formats are welcome. Events last an hour to an hour and a half.

Co-chairs should have relevant experience in the development issue of their workgroup or network. Co-chairs must be members of SID-US. Note that the co-chair position is tied to the individual and not their organization. If the co-chair moves to another organization, they may continue to serve as a co-chair. In addition, if a co-chair chooses to step down, the position is not automatically filled by the co-chair's organization. Instead, SID-US will put out a call for applications to replace the co-chair.

We are grateful to all our workgroup and network co-chairs for the time they invest in SID-US's workgroup programs and network activities, which are the heart and soul of our organization.

*Please note that each organization can be represented by only one Workgroup Co-Chair at a time. You can find the full list of workgroups here.