Democracy, Rights, & Governance

The SID-W Democracy, Rights, and Governance Workgroup is a group of individuals who are actively engaged in the ongoing evolution and development of human rights and democracy associated with international development, including the role of civil society. With events ranging from strengthening health governance to dealing with corruption, to advancing human rights and rule of law, and evolving political analysis, this workgroup aims to inform and educate its members on any and all development issues that relate to democracy, rights, and governance, as well as how civil society can help shape economic and social outcomes. The workgroup also works to examine principles important to democracy, human rights, and governance, including transparency, accountability, participation, and inclusion.

FY 2021 Democracy, Rights, & Governance Workgroup Annual Report

We are happy to announce the launch of FY 2021 Workgroup Annual Reports! Each report includes a review of past events, including speakers, photos, event descriptions, summaries, and more. To view the Democracy, Rights, & Governance Workgroup Annual Report, please click here. Check it out to get a rundown of the past year at SID-Washington!

Meet the Co-Chairs

Senior Director for Strategy, Research, and Center for Global Impact, International Republican Institute (IRI)
Vice President, Peace Programs, The Carter Center