Development Finance

Now more than ever, innovative solutions are required to fill the funding gap, estimated to reach trillions of dollars, needed to solve the world's most intractable social, economic, and environmental problems. The role of finance in international development continues to evolve and attract new actors, from development finance institutions, private equity funds, educational and environmental organizations, new philanthropists, and traditional proponents of private sector development and financial inclusion. The SID-W Development Finance Workgroup includes and leverages the expertise of finance specialists and general development professionals by addressing timely topics. Examples include the emergence of impact investing, the complementary roles of public and private finance (and how to blend the two), the continuing quest for financial inclusion, and the increasing importance of digital finance.

FY 2020 Development Finance Workgroup Annual Report

We are happy to announce the launch of FY 2020 Workgroup Annual Reports! Each report includes a review of past events, including speakers, photos, event descriptions, summaries, and more. To view the Development Finance Workgroup Annual Report, please click here. Check it out to get a rundown of the past year at SID-Washington!


Meet the Co-Chairs

Co-CEO, Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF)
Chief Investment Officer & Global Economic Growth Practice Lead, DT Global