Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity Workgroup

As an organization, SID-W believes in informing and promoting more inclusive, diverse, equitable, and sustainable international development. It is imperative that the international development community address how systemic racism, colonization, and ethnic discrimination affect international development. This workgroup will provide a forum for the community to discuss and address these issues. SID-W hopes this group will help international development professionals gain the necessary information, tools, and resources to ameliorate discriminatory practices around race, ethnicity, and culture around the world.



                                                                              FY 2021 Race, Ethnicity, Diversity Annual Report

We are happy to announce the launch of FY 2021 Workgroup Annual Reports! Each report includes a review of past events, including speakers, photos, event descriptions, summaries, and more. To view the Race, Ethnicity, & Diversity Workgroup Annual Report, please click here. Check it out to get a rundown of the past year at SID-Washington!

Meet the Co-Chairs

Global Business Consultant, Intellectual Concepts, LLC
Program Development Manager, Strategic Initiatives & Innovation, Meharry Medical College