SID-Washington Afghanistan Affinity Group

In response to the current situation in Afghanistan and at the request of our members, SID-Washington has created a member-only Afghanistan Affinity Group, which will serve as a platform to share experiences, ideas, and calls to action with regards to the current humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. The purpose of the Afghanistan Affinity Group is for SID-W individual and Institutional Members to convene, share resources, connect, and take action. All activities of the Affinity group will be guided by SID-W members.

The mission of SID-Washington's Affinity Groups is to provide a space where members can initiate conversations on how to address current challenges, crises, and other topics relevant to international development. Similar to our Workgroups, Affinity Groups will be led by two Co-Chairs. However, unlike our Workgroups, the Affinity Groups are member-only and temporary. Affinity Groups will only remain active based on the needs of members.

The SID-W Afghanistan Afinity Group meets on a bi-weekly basis. All meetings are conducted on Wednesdays.  

To join the Afghanistan Affinity Group or know more about the bi-weekly meetings, please email us at

Participation in the Affinity Group is limited to SID-W members and members of our Partner organization, Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce (AACC). To become a SID-Washington member, please click here.

Meet the Co-Chairs

Senior Vice President , Chemonics
President and CEO, Afghan American Chamber of Commerce (Former Assistant Administrator, USAID)