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SID-United States is a membership-driven knowledge organization bringing together people from diverse organizations, disciplines, and career stages in a neutral, independent forum -- a "global town square.” This unique space cuts across all sectors of development covering humanitarian, stabilization, transition and long-term development.

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Food Security & Agriculture Workgroup

The SID-US Food Security and Agriculture Workgroup is a group of individuals actively engaged and informed on the agriculture sector. With events ranging from industry led value chain coalitions to the challenges of feeding a city, this workgroup aims to inform on the logistics and practices of food as well as the opportunities in agricultural development.


Management Workgroup Session

Development Finance Workgroup

The SID-US Development Finance Workgroup is a group of individuals actively engaged in finance architecture and the monetary tools of development. With events ranging from the involvement of international lending to the relevance and strength of microfinance, this workgroup aims to inform and educate on any and all development issues that relate to finance.



Mark Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, Tetra Tech International Development Services, Tetra Tech

“As a long-time member of SID-US, Tetra Tech greatly benefits from the convening power of SID-US’s events and workgroups, which continue to propel the development community forward in working collaboratively to identify and scale solutions to solve some of the most complex challenges around the world today.”

David Alt, Director of Institutional Donor Engagement and Advancement, Catholic Relief Services

“CRS has been connected to key USG officials, such as the Inspector General of USAID and Mission Directors, thanks to SID-US’s events. These opportunities for engagement are valuable to the agency and are centered around important topics that impacts our day-to-day work and helps tackle global issues.”


Bobby Jefferson, Global Head, Diversity, Equity, Engagement, and Inclusion, DAI

"SID-US is a unique and enriching venue because it bridges so many of the divisions that too often separate us: small and large organizations, entry-level and senior staff, government and private sector, for-profit and nonprofit. As development practitioners, we all benefit from coming together under the SID umbrella."

Chris Watson, Business Development Manager, Premise Data

"SID-US has a really diverse membership base. As a result, they're able to support events that vary in terms of both their functional focus and the career level of the audience. This means there is always something going on that interests me and adds value to my career." 

Tessie San Martin, CEO, FHI 360

"SID-US is the only entity in Washington that regularly brings together the full spectrum of the international development community: from INGOs, to international development companies, other corporates active in our space, embassies, the USG and other bilateral donor countries.  The result are SID-US events that produce particularly rich discourse - unparalleled in other forums. SID-US is essential to our community."


May 25, 2023

The Hybrid Meeting FTP takes place partially in-person and partially virtually and helps you hone your design and facilitation skills for an environment with both

May 4, 2023

Impact First brings together iNGOs, international agencies, governments, and the private sector to engage in two days of learning, collaboration, and showcasing t

April 27, 2023


Time & Location

Apr 27, 9:00 AM EDT – Apr 28, 5:00 PM EDT