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SID-Washington is a membership-driven knowledge organization bringing together people from diverse organizations, disciplines, and career stages in a neutral, independent forum -- a "global town square.” This unique space cuts across all sectors of development covering humanitarian, stabilization, transition and long-term development.

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Food Security & Agriculture Workgroup

The SID-W Food Security and Agriculture Workgroup is a group of individuals actively engaged and informed on the agriculture sector. With events ranging from industry led value chain coalitions to the challenges of feeding a city, this workgroup aims to inform on the logistics and practices of food as well as the opportunities in agricultural development.


Management Workgroup Session

Development Finance Workgroup

The SID-W Development Finance Workgroup is a group of individuals actively engaged in finance architecture and the monetary tools of development. With events ranging from the involvement of international lending to the relevance and strength of microfinance, this workgroup aims to inform and educate on any and all development issues that relate to finance.



"Pact is a long-time member of SID-W because of the value it brings to our staff and organization as a whole. From high-quality events to the unparalleled access that SID-W membership provides to decision-makers at the highest levels of the U.S. Government, membership in SID-W is invaluable."
Mark Viso, President and CEO, Pact

"I am very grateful to SID-Washington. As a 30-year member of the organization, I applaud SID-Washington’s commitment, to airing multiple perspectives on controversial and timely issues...SID-Washington’s proven ability to assemble diverse groups and fine minds to discuss and debate important issues with passion and mutual respect is an enormous contribution."

Larry Cooley, President Emeritus and Senior Advisor, Management Systems International

"SID-Washington is a unique and enriching venue because it bridges so many of the divisions that too often separate us: small and large organizations, entry-level and senior staff, government and private sector, for-profit and nonprofit. As development practitioners, we all benefit from coming together under the SID umbrella."

Bobby Jefferson, VP and Chief Technology Officer, DAI Global Health

"I joined SID-Washington because it offers a collaborative platform for sharing good ideas, strategic relationships and innovative solutions that are critical for developing effective responses to the challenges of globalization."

Kristi Ragan, Chief of Party, Center for Development Innovation, US Global Development Lab at DAI


February 15, 2018

Please join RTI and our neglected tropical disease (NTD) partners for a reception celebrating the recent

February 26, 2018

For the past 5 years, TechChange has offered a flagship course on mHealth.

February 26, 2018

TEI regularly hosts programs to train professional evaluators for the skills they need today and the challenges they will face tomorrow.