Kathryn Stratos

Deputy Director, Climate and Cross-Sectoral Strategy, Bureau for Development, Democracy, and Innovation

Ms. Kathryn Stratos joined U.S. Agency for International Development in 1991 to work on its assistance program for Eastern Europe. She has managed agriculture, democracy and governance, and health projects, and completed a tour with USAID’s Central Asia mission. She has worked as an analyst, press, budget and program officer. She currently serves as Director of USAID's Office of Global Climate Change (E3/GCC). The Office oversees programming of Sustainable Landscapes, a $108 million program in FY 2018. E3/GCC also supports integration of climate adaptation and low emissions development objectives in the Agency’s broader development portfolio and leads on climate risk management, an interactive assessment of climate risks and strategies for safeguarding USAID development investments. To learn more about climate risk management and USAID's work at the nexus of climate and development, see www.climatelinks.org.