Protazia Kamdambo

Dream Regrowth Initiative

In 2018 Protazia Kamdambo was chosen and trained as one of the 24 USAID-funded Health Policy Plus Project, Youth Champions in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights and Policy in Malawi. Protazia’s advocacy work is not only in policy or raising awareness around putting a stop to harmful traditions and practices in Malawi, such as child marriages, but also spans communities and other public service providers eg hospitals, police. As a young professional working with other seasoned advocates and communities; she learned many valuable lessons about diversity, marginalization, equity and resilience which carry her through her advocacy journey.

Protazia established an NGO in 2018 called Dream Regrowth Initiative aiming at elevating the lives of the youth. With 42% of girls getting married before the age of 18, through the organization Protazia works towards changing these statistics for the better by engaging local community leaders, schools, out of school youth and other public service providers.

Protazia also implements a project that takes an approach of incorperating boys in fighting child marriages and violence against women by supporting young boys who are victims of child marriages the same way she supports the girls, an element that has been missing in previous interventions by most entities.