Food Security & Agriculture

The SID-W Food Security and Agriculture Workgroup is a group of individuals actively engaged and informed on the agriculture sector. With events ranging from industry led value chain coalitions to the challenges of feeding a city, this workgroup aims to inform on the logistics and practices of food as well as the opportunities in agricultural development.

FY 2019 Food Security & Agriculture Workgroup Annual Report

We are happy to announce the launch of FY 2019 Workgroup Annual Reports! Each report includes a review of past events, including speakers, photos, event descriptions, summaries, and more. To view the Food Security & Agriculture Workgroup Annual Report, please click here. Check it out to get a rundown of the past year at SID-Washington! 

Meet the Co-Chairs

Vice President of Strategic Growth & Partnerships, ACDI/VOCA
Vice President, Public Sector Business Development, Opportunity International